Life producing Life

Tov is an ancient reality, a cosmic truth baked into the fabric of the universe. It’s translated to English simply as good, but the kind of good that produces life that produces life that produces life... and so on.  It’s a real and faithful sign found at the core of all good things: there is a Glorious Mother, and she is delighted in us.

Tov Music is the name of our new band, and it’s a joy to meet you. Thank you for reading!

Tov the band is Heidi and Steve (that’s me). Deeply in love after 15 years of marriage.  15 years of love, light and shadow, and everything in between. We write what we live and see, we sing for what we hope for.

Heidi grew up in Northern Minnesota. I am not a true Minnesotan, but it’s home now. ...sendhelpI’mfreezing. We live on the west side of Minneapolis in a small community named Robbinsdale.

We’re a full and active family, with a full and vibrant family life. Our kids are Trynica, Berlin, and Kyeson. We’re involved in sports, neighborhood dance-offs, our faith community, friends, local events, music lessons, and we all love to explore outside.

Heidi works from home as a part-time portrait photographer. She heals through pictures. (When she takes your picture, ask her what she sees.) Steve is a pastor at a local church (Genesis Cov, whooop!) and I love mountains, city streets, and most of all, people.

Heidi and I decided to honor the heart desire we were both having. We both wanted to be in a band, together, singing songs about things we believed. Since the time we were kids, individually, we wanted to burn brightly for what we believed in. However, the examples available to us of how to do this well were far and few between. We had given up, and decided to settle, and not believe in ourselves.

Until we couldn’t, any longer.

This is when honoring our heart desires turned into forming Tov Music. We finally saw how our pain and confusion from years and years was going to become the fertile ground for blessings to spring up. Once we realized this, we began to abandon all that wouldn’t help us bring Tov into the world so that the hearts of others would come to life.

Heidi still takes pictures, I still pastor, and we still fully enjoy being a family in Robbinsdale, the Jewel of the Twin Cities. And, now our hearts are continually pointed at a hope that we all will see Tov - the life that gives life in it’s season, of its kind. Hope that gives way to more hope. Peace that brings more Peace. Joy that spills for generations.

We believe that when we allow love into our lives, love for all and for ourselves in good balance, the hopes and dreams we have are the next steps for us to follow. We invite you to bring the art of your humanity forward, and heal the world with us. We are Tov Music and this is our journey towards Tov.