Comfort My People

I see a story through World History that breaks my heart. Imagine a blue and green paradise circling a constant energy and heat source - completely sustained and eternally fruitful. Earth. Imagine the humans, evolved enough to choose to care for each other and the Earth, but instead consume everything for themselves. The humans forget that God is Love and that humans are good and precious and so valuable, so breakable, so powerful.

Imagine God sitting on a street curb weeping, “Why will no one care for my heart? Why will no one care for my creation? Why will no one love my children, the ones without sustainable uplift and safety?” And through the floodgates of emotion She looks around, head slightly tilted so She can see through the pain-filled tears, and is hopeless at least for a minute.

Heidi and I have both had the gift of world travel - we’ve seen remote mountains in South Central China and the village children who are taught to fear the soldier. We have sipped yak butter tea in Tibetan homes where the children are taught to fear the soldier. In City Solei, Haiti, where the soldier is anyone bigger than you, in the Congo where the soldier is sometimes your neighbor’s ten year old child who has been put through absolute hell and now carries his own gun.

We have seen hospitals that look like outhouses. We have seen schools that look like barns. We have seen homes that are held up with string, in the middle of a flooded mud field. We have seen concrete built on top of garbage heaps left on top of the dead bodies of the poor for centuries. We have seen the concrete blocks of Eastern Europe, and it’s a colder gray than anywhere else in the world, it seeps into your soul and steals your joy.

The children. The mothers.

All the while God weeps and does what God can through the tears. Sustaining all life, holding all the cosmos together and keeping all the laws and balances together - including free choice. Our free choice.

One time Heidi and I were in a fight. A severe marital dispute. I was a jerk enough to have made her cry bitterly. Heidi was mad that she was crying, and kept trying to make dinner through the angry tears. But in order to do so, she had to tilt her head down a certain way to see through the tears. It looked like such a struggle to live life next to me, testing all of her in this single moment as it seems. Of course this broke my heart, crushed my pride, and I immediately saw what I was doing and had been a part of.

My compassion (and repentance) didn’t kick in until I saw Heidi’s anger, determination, and sorrow working together. She kept working to provide good things through the pain and the tears. Dinner for the family, even through misunderstanding and confusion and pain.

If all we ever do is look at ourselves in life, we will only ever see our own anger, determination, and sorrow. Look at God sitting on the curb weeping. Look at God’s anger, determination, and sorrow. See how many years God has worked for the good of all? Look at Heidi weeping as she’s making dinner. Look at the children of the world, or in your own life, weeping for loss of joy and safety. Look at the mothers, look at the lost fathers, look at the sons who have lost faith in us and look at the daughters who have not been protected by us.

Can you see them?

If you can see them, maybe there is a way to comfort them. From where you are, just you and who you are in the world, maybe you can be more love than consume.

Maybe if you can see them, you can commit to them - maybe they will become your people, and you will become their people. Wouldn’t that be a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

Comfort. For all. Enough light for all to grow healthy, enough love for all to flourish. Enough food to smile at, enough water to play in.

Comfort. Let us work to relieve the suffering in the world. Because we’ve evolved to the point where we can. And this is a more beautiful expression of the design of creation than using abundance for personal satisfaction.

“Comfort my people” God says. “Comfort the people? Comfort your people. people” we say.


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