This is what our friends have to say about us :).

Jer SwigArt

- Founder of The Global Immersion Project and author of "Mending the Divides"

Tov Music is helping to set the soundtrack for the peacemaking movement that is remaking our world.

John Crosby

- Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church

Steve’s ability is real, but what shines through is the Passion for the music, for our God, for a sense of ‘life as it ought to be’ justice, with Joy.  Steve has been able to lead worship that draws people in; into the presence of God, into a larger story our lives are meant to be part of, with energy and great music!  Steve has continued to grow over the years, and Tov reflects that journey, of faith and a care for justice, of Joy and a passion for music that inspires with excellence!  

Kara Groff

- Associate Pastor of Genesis West

Both Heidi and Steve have incredibly expansive hearts open to learning people’s stories and bringing love to their neighborhood, their church, their city and the world.

I invite you to bring Steve and Heidi into your community. You will be awed by their talent, moved by their hearts, and inspired to become more fully alive. You will be blessed.

Tim Anderson

- Founder of Ace in the City and author of "In Process"

A big difference exists between being "sung to" and “engaged with.” Tov "engages with". Tov captures connection, unity, and peace. They fill the room with laughter, transparency and an authentic desire and capacity to pull us all into the music and the words, towards deeper connection, unity and peace. The best!

Rabbi Alan Ulman

Steve is a deliciously gifted musical heart-voice
who fuses the sacred within worship music with a
love for the flock; so that the community in worship
comes alive to the melodies of God's Call that resides
within and running through and beyond the song.

Jan Bros

- Senior Pastor of Abbey Way Covenant Church

Steve Haines' creative talent as expressed in his music and care for people as seen in his ministry witnesses to the reality of the presence of God who is near. In a world that desperately needs a tender touch, Steve is able to make melody that ministers to the deep reaches of the hungry soul, declaring hope for all to hear.

Steve Wiens

- Senior Pastor of Genesis West and author of "Beginnings" and "Whole"

Steve Haines has the remarkable ability to gather people together so they can see something more - and therefore be something more - by entering into uncomfortable spaces. He combines music, leadership, teaching, and art to help people identify the good that is buried deep within them, and then to humbly bring it to the world. Steve is peerless in his ability to move a community of people to direct action.

Matt Anderson

- Associate Pastor at Resurrection Church

For several years I had the tremendous opportunity to do ministry alongside Steve, giving me a front row seat to his musicianship and leadership. Steve possesses a matchless balance of musical prowess, pastoral depth, lyrical honesty and passionate energy. I leave every encounter with Steve more grateful for the goodness of God and the beauty of life.